Integrated Management Systems Policy

In accordance with laws and standards OSP A.S produces hot rolled special profiles required by all sectors that needs; Using all our knowledge and skills; Our mission, is to shape the steel with an environment, customer and human focused, With our innovative approach, our vision is to be the preferred supplier, exporting 85 % of its production, publicly traded steel profile producer in 2029, With the values of Respect, Hard work, Justice, Team Play, Honesty and Responsibility, We produce environmentally friendly quality products, taking into account information and occupational health safety and energy efficiency. At every stage of production and support processes; by providing the necessary resources, creating opportunities for employees to develop themselves, ensure their participation by clearly explaining the objectives of the organization and with a management approach that motivates them in continuous improvement. OSP A.Ş. proves the value it gives to health and safety with ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management Standards, to energy efficiency with ISO 50001 Energy Management Standards, to information security with ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System, to quality with ISO 9001/IATF 16949 Quality Management Systems Standards.

OSP A.Ş. In the Scope of ISO 45001 Standard;

  • Operating with neighbors in the Astim Industrial Area and carries out health and safety policies to ensure that its visitors, neighbors and all other stakeholders are in a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Hazards that may arise from all process steps, stakeholders and neighbors are identified, and risks are evaluated, eliminated and/or brought to an acceptable level.
  • All accidents and incidents (accident, occupational disease, near miss, emergency) that occur during activities are examined and necessary improvements are ensured to prevent recurrence.
  • A healthy and safe working environment is ensured with the participation, opinions and compliance of all employees, employee representatives and stakeholders in health and safety practices, and is aimed to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases.

In the Scope of ISO 14001;

  • Environmental dimensions that may arise from all process steps, stakeholders and neighbors are determined, and risks are evaluated, eliminated and/or brought to an acceptable level.
  • Planning and implementing the necessary studies for the elimination of pollution sources.
  • Carrying out the studies on the environment in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, and TS EN ISO 14001 standard, and has implemented by its employees and subcontractors.

In the Scope of ISO 50001;

  • Based on the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard, carrying out continuous improvement studies to reduce energy density in energy types with defined scope and limits.
  • Concluding the activities determined by strategic planning, tactical planning (energy reviewing), operational planning and management review studies on energy by providing the necessary resources.
  • Determining the design features that affect/may affect energy consumption in renovation and initial investments and ensures that process designs are made in accordance with these features. Carrying out the purchasing of energy producing and consuming products and services depending on technical specifications.

In the Scope of ISO 9001/IATF16949;

  • Ensuring that customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level.
  • With the awareness that customer satisfaction passes through internal customer satisfaction, considering employees, suppliers and customers as business partners.
  • Continuous measurement and monitoring is carried out to support management with targets in line with strategic planning.

In the Scope of TS EN ISO 27001;

  • Identifying the information of the organisation and its related parties, taking necessary measures for their precaution
  • Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and accessibility in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, directives, circulars and TS EN ISO 27001 standard.
  • Protection of the organisation's credibility and brand value.
  • Reducing the impact of information security threats in business continuity and ensuring sustainability.
  • Organising trainings, seminars and various awareness activities that will increase the awareness of our employees and, if necessary, other stakeholders on information security, with the fact that the most important element in ensuring information security is human, and monitoring the results.