Sustainability Policy

Within the scope of sustainability, OSP Demir Çelik aims to make the world cleaner, to leave a more livable life for future generations by protecting natural and cultural heritage, and to respect the ecological system together with our stakeholders. The Company realizes its activities by adopting sustainability development goals at every step of its strategic activities


  • It supports poverty reduction by contributing to social and economic development.
  • It ensures healthy individuals and a healthy work environment by securing employee access to healthcare services and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standards.
  • By offering training opportunities within the OSP Academy to increase the level of education of employees and the community contributes to quality education.
  • It contributes to clean water targets by promoting effective and sustainable management of water resources.
  • It uses clean and sustainable energy sources with its ISO 50001 Energy Management System and GES project. It also aims to minimize energy consumption through energy efficiency projects.
  • It supports decent work and economic growth by supporting entrepreneurship, creativity, following technological developments and innovation in production activities.
  • For sustainable infrastructure and industrial growth, it continues its industrial and infrastructure activities with a culture of continuous improvement and an innovative approach.
  • It aims to reduce inequalities without discrimination based on factors such as gender, ethnicity, age, disability.
  • The Company contributes to reducing the negative environmental impacts per capita and ensuring the continuity of sustainable cities and living spaces by reducing emissions from production, waste management and waste reduction activities within the framework of the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard.
  • With the lean production philosophy, it aims to carry out responsible consumption and production by carrying out continuous improvement and waste reduction activities in production.
  • Strives for climate action by reducing emissions and promoting sustainable energy sources in the fight against climate change
  • It aims not to harm life in water by reusing the water used in the business or disposing of it through stakeholders.
  • By protecting biodiversity and promoting the sustainable use of ecosystems, it works for terrestrial life through recycling and recovery efforts.
  • Securing a fair, transparent and ethical working environment through policies and procedures, aiming to be a peaceful, fair and strong organization.
  • In order to realize sustainable development goals, it attaches importance to establishing collaborations at local and global level and building partnerships for the goals by interacting with stakeholders.

This policy reflects OSP Demir Çelik’s commitment to sustainability and emphasizes its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.